Could we be seeing relaxed laws on Cannabis in the UK soon?

Marijuana is now legal for adults in 16 US states and Washington DC, while medical marijuana is legal in 36. In Canada, the legalisation of week nationwide for recreational use came in 2018. 

In the UK, medical use of cannabis when prescribed by a registered, specialist doctor was legalised in November, 2018. However, it’s illegal to grow, distribute or sell cannabis here and doing so can attract a penalty of up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

So why is it that the UK is so behind when it comes to the drug? The Mayor of London wants to change that starting with a ‘well overdue debate’. 

Sadiq Khan plans to launch a review looking at decriminalizing cannabis amid a shift in public attitude, stating that police efforts would be better spent on drugs that cause the most harm. 

A considerable majority – 63% – of Londoners are in favour of legalizing and regulating cannabis. Only 19% are opposed to relaxing the rules. At a broader look, 47% of Brits in total favor legalization and only 30% are against it. The rest, meanwhile, remain undecided. This is according to a poll carried out by Survation.

In another study by Yougov, more than half of brits say they would support the legalisation of cannabis in the UK. 


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What’s interesting, is that the United Kingdom is the biggest exporter of medicinal cannabis in the world, growing and exporting huge volumes which then is used for medicinal and recreational purposes in other countries. 

People living in this country are barely able to access the huge benefits that multiple cannabis-based drugs offer, yet we are happy to make large volumes of money whilst letting other people around the world benefit. Makes zero sense.’

The general public appear to understand and accept the use of marjuana for medicinal uses, and others are for the legalisation believing the substance has less health complications than legal ones such as alcohol and cigarettes. The debate about what is worse for you has been a long one, but typically cannabis does tend to come with fewer risks. 

Common points from others who are opposing the legalisation are often the gaps in the system for drug testing, and the difficulty regulating fines and testing for driving under the influence. 

We are excited at Eden to watch this unfold and we will be sure to share any updates with you all! Let us know your opinions too!

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